Beti Foundation

Actualizing Growth with Integrity


BETI believes that change for the better will not happen without advocacy. Advocacy represents the strategies devised, actions taken and solutions proposed to influence decision-making at the local, state and higher levels to create positive change for people and their environment. The Foundation has applied this tool of democracy through various mechanisms. These mechanisms include research findings, observations during capacity development activities attitudinal and behavioral change, SWOT analysis etc to key issues for advocacy at every level-from village to block, district and state. Some major concerns are brought to the attention of the National Advisory Council, of which the Executive Director is a member.

The Four Tiers of Advocacy

First Tier

This includes community mobilization, core group formation, self managed groups formation, participatory learning, community resource centres, etc.

Second Tier

This includes liaison with media, interaction and liaison with stakeholder and alliance building with non-governmental and voluntary organisations.

Third Tier

This includes liaison with government at block level and district level, advocacy thrugh BLCC’s and DLCC’s.

Fourth Tier

This includes policy level advocacy at state and national levels.