Beti Foundation

Actualizing Growth with Integrity

Capacity Building

capacityFor the best and maximum contribution of every available resource in the process of development, the BETI Foundation develops human skills and societal systems within the communities, PRIs, other institutions and CBOs and relevant stakeholders. The capacity building process of BETI also includes orientation of institutional, financial, political and other groups.

Several Capacity Building Workshops, Trainings of Trainers, Orientation Programmes, Refresher Trainings and Problem Solving Sessions are conducted from time to time to upgrade human resource. Internal and external experts facilitate these programs as resource persons.

Some of the recent capacity building events were:

  • Residential training of instructors;
  • Review meetings of instructors;
  • Orientation of peer educators
  • Orientation of core groups and self managed groups;
  • District level helpline workshop;
  • Review meetings of help lines;
  • Orientation of community groups – specifically women and adolescent girls on various development issues and their participation in the same;
  • Orientation of newly elected PRI members and women frontline functionaries;
  • Participation of BETI staff in "Leadership for Results"- a training programme on trafficking and HIV/AIDS;
  • Participation of BETI staff in training programme on 'Adolescent, Communication and HIV/AIDS'

Areas of Capacity Development

The skill development programmes mentioned above covered several areas of capacity. The significant skills stressed upon during the capacity building programmes were:

  • Pedagogy skills;
  • SHG functioning;
  • Trafficking;
  • Family Life Education and HIV/AIDS;
  • Capacity building of Core Groups, Self Managed Groups and community on certain rights and government schemes;
  • Orientation of community specifically women and adolescent girls on women participation in panchayats, other development activities, their rights and Education;
  • Orientation of various stakeholders on relevant areas, e.g., orientation of police officials on handling sex workers as human beings in trafficking prone areas etc

The Foundation gives exposure to its human resource to upgrade individual capacity through attending various workshops and training programme which are also financially supported by the Foundation.