Beti Foundation

Actualizing Growth with Integrity


chikankariBETI Foundation has been skill Training beneficiaries in the Craft of   Chikankari an art form of fine Embroidery located in and around Lucknow which was the Kingdom of Awadh and now the Capital of Uttar Pradesh .Production and marketing of the fine products provide sustainable livelihood to the artisans who are also taught Literacy and Elementary Education .Life skills, and other Gender Empowerment Trainings enhance Self Reliance ,Self Esteem and Decision making abilities thereby raising the status of women in families ,Communities and social milieu.

Details of beneficiaries engaged in Chikankari are given below;

Name of the place  Number of Artisans.

Sitapur     400
Barabanki      300
Urban Lucknow  250
Rural Lucknow 650

Other districts where Training is proposed are – Balrampur, Bahraich ,Gonda, Jaunpur ,Allahabad and Pratapgadh

1. Range of monthly Supplementary incomes is wary from 2000 to 3500.

A major marketing Opportunity is provided by SEWA Lucknow which has Job Work done by highly skilled artisans