Beti Foundation

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education-01The demand for girls’ education has been addressed by BETI with several initiatives in its field areas, focusing on equity and qualitative education of adolescent girls so that they can achieve established minimum levels of learning.

Alternative Learning Centres (ALCs)

ALCs have been set up for a specific group of ‘out of school’ and ‘drop out’ girls in the selected areas. These centres enrol girls between the age group of 11-14 years and 15-18 years and help them achieve academic competencies appropriate for their age in a short period of time. The girls are then mainstreamed into formal education system. A number of innovative activities are carried out to promote and facilitate educational empowerment and all round development of girls at the ALCs. The learning strategies comprise of condensed/bridge courses/back to school camps, residential/non-residential camps/ drop-in centres.


  • A woman with a minimum qualification of High School is selected from the community as an instructor through a transparent process in which the core group members and block representatives participate.
  • The instructors are trained and supported by the Foundation from time to time.
  • Maximum number of girls at one ALC is 30-40.
  • Girls are taught basics of Hindi, English, Social Science and Mathematics apart from Family Life Education, which comprises of information on health, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, family planning, child rearing, HIV/AIDS, legal rights etc.
  • The time span of one ALC is six months.
  • Parents-teacher meetings are organised every month, with the intention to motivate the community on the importance of girls’ education as well as their holistic development.
  • Emphasising on participatory approach to development, local and national festivals are celebrated at the centres with full involvement of the community.