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International Rural Women’s Day: 15 th October

international-rural-womens-day-15th-octoberInternational Rural Women’s Day was celebrated at the ALCs and VTCs of BETI with the community. The day started with Prabhat Pheri by adolescent girls. Pamphlets on the significance of women’s education, their health and empowerment were distributed along with other cultural activities. Rural women and adolescent girls appeared to enjoy the day as was evident by the exclamation of a woman of gram panchayat Gangapur, “ Chalo hamaar bhi koi din hai, jo aap logon dwara manaya ja raha hai, warna hame puchchta hi kaun hai. Bhagwan aapko safal banaye!” (“So we also have our day, which is being celebrated by you, otherwise who cares for us. May God bless you!”)