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Iodine Deficiency Day Celebrations: 21st October

District Activities carried out Key stakeholders (Health, ICDS, Wholesalers, Media) Ouctome of the activities (number of target groups reached, press release facilitated, samples tested , meetings held, rallies taken out etc)
SITAPUR - Essay competition on Iodine & it's benefits in 2 schools (KGBV & Purva Madhyamik Vidyalya at village Maanpur of block Biswan

- Community Meeting at village Mulahimpur in Block Khairabad
HEALTH AND ICDS BLOCK-BISWA: 2 SCHOOLS AT MAANPUR (I) K.G B.V.AND (II) PURVA MADHYAMIK VIDYALYA. Basis for choosing the village Maanpur is most of the people belong to excluded community and is an out reach village. An Essay writing competition on subject IODINE and its Benefits was held in which 5 students from KGBV and 9 from PURVA MADHYAMIK VIDYALYA participated, A meeting session on IODINE was also held in which total 95 student and 6 teachers from KGBV and 30 student and 2 teachers from PURVA MADHYAMIK VIDYALYA participated. They were also sensitised through drawings on charts and IEC material and it is expected that increased awareness & knowledge on importance of Iodine in body which has been imparted to grass root level children will reach through them to their parents & relatives in village.

BLOCK-KHAIRABAD: A meeting with ASHA ,AWW and ANM with 28 villagers including the Community Support Groups (CSGs) in village Mulahimpur was held on advocating the practice of using iodized salt. Demonstrations were done through salt testing and by use of IEC materials. A total of 32 salt samples were tested from houses including houses of socially excluded families in village, Pregnant women, families with New Borns etc. It's expected that a positive message will flow in the village regarding use of iodized salt in the diet of people.
BAHRAICH School children orientation, Debate, Rally & Community Meeting held at village Siswara in Block Balha. Health (MOIC Balha Dr.Kurieel), ICDS, Education, Media   present for the events. On IDD day , Village Siswara in block Balha was jointly selected by Health Dept. & BETI Foundation as the village having majority of excluded families & Out reach village. MOIC Dr. Kureel took the lead along with ICDS & Education Dept. in organizing Orientation of students at Siswara school. Debate was held on use of Iodized salt held among students & Prizes were given to the students by MOIC & Principal of the school. Rally with Iodine promotion slogans was conducted in the village for mass awareness in which total 110 school children participated.
A community meeting was held in the village with the focus to spread awareness among the grass root level community regarding the benefits of use of iodized salt. A total of 37 salt samples were tested and demonstrations were given while involving village people. MOIC Balha emphasised on intake of iodised salt in regular diet while elaborating the various disorders which arise due to Iodine deficiency.
BALRAMPUR Slogan writing on wall related to use of Iodized salt in villages Bhojpur Tharu & Vishnupur Kalan Health, ICDS, Education, VHSC (PRI) Wall writing with slogans promoting use of Iodized salt in village Bhojpur Tharu & Vishnupur Kalan by involving Village Health & Sanitation Committee of the villages.
Door to Door salt testing by the CSGs & Asha /AWW at village Ramwapur Tharu, Chainpur Baderiya & Siktihwa. HEALTH AND ICDS Door to Door salt testing by Community Support Group members and also through ASHAs & AWWs in village Ramwapur Tharu, Chainpur Baderiya & Siktihwa with expectation of Behaviour change through community ownership & participation along with technical inputs from grass root level service providers to the beneficiaries.
School Rallies in all 60 PEHEL centres, HEALTH AND ICDS School Rallies in all the BETI Foundation's 60 PEHEL centres which included out of school children from socially excluded castes with the expectation that message of use of Iodized salt will reach the underserved communities on a large scale.

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