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Gaon Chalo Abhiyan

The “Gaon Chalo Abhiyan“ Project is promoted by Tata Global Beverages Ltd under its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. It was started in with the aim of market promotion of quality teas in rural areas, and provide livelihoods opportunities to small entrepreneurs and individuals of rural communities.

The BETI Foundation distributes tea and endeavors to motivate rural people to generate additional livelihoods through the marketing of TATA tea which is given to them at subsidized rates. The Foundation focuses on marginalized families, single women headed households and small shopkeepers, tea shop owners, differently challenged individuals, unemployed youth, retired persons and other disadvantaged people to undertake this activity by buying at subsidized rates and selling at their M.R.P. These project affiliates are then provided TATA TEA at rates which give them attractive margins on the MRP. The supplementary income earned is vital for families and adds value to the quality of their lives.

The projects sees great potential in expending the reach and depth in Gram Panchyats involving Women’s Groups and Youth Groups .Future expansion will be   dedicated to provide marketing skills to individuals and groups. Entrepreneurship development for achieving sustainable livelihoods is the USB in addition Social Coherence will get enhanced.

gaon chalo fig 1

Financial Review of Growth

The table given below shows the status of Turnover since 2006- 2007 for UP

Year Turnover (UP)
2007 4866426.31              
2008 1413488
2009 19643770
2010 23598369.87
2011 28827766.85
2012 1917362.09
2013 51525473.25
2014 53383105.5
2015 51148655.86

The profile of districts especially with regard to rural-urban population is given blow-

Name of District Total Population % Of Rural % Of Urban
Lucknow 4,589,838 33.79 66.21
Barabanki 3,260,699 89.21 10.15
Sitapur 4,483,992 88.16 11.84
Gonda 3,433,919 93.48 6.55
Balrampur 2,148,6652011 92.26 7.74
Shrawasti 1,117,361 96.54 3.46
Bahraich 3,487,731 91.86 8.14
Lalitpur 1,221,592 85.64 14.36

The above table shows the vast rural hinterland where with the increasing reach of television, telephony and Internet the demand for the consumer items is growing at a very fast pace .Rural marketing therefore provides an opportunity for bridging the Urban –Rural divide by enabling Youth to develop Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) while  participating in India”s Vision of becoming a Super Power Economically, Socially and Politically.

gaon chalo fig 2

gaon chalo fig 3