Beti Foundation

Actualizing Growth with Integrity

BETI's Statistical Score Card

1. No. of ALC'S in current projects 102
No. of VTC'S in current projects 67
No. of helplines in current projects (functional and proposed) 4
No. of girl beneficiaries in current projects 5625
2. No. of Peer Educators in CHAYAN project 280
No. of CRC users annually in all projects(approx.) 5600
3. No. of girls mainstreamed till date by BETI 2514
No. of girls appearing for NIOS in 2006-2007 408
4. No. of Core Groups Formed in all projects (Core Groups trianed in approx. 51 batches) 145
No. of Core Groups Members 2302
5. No. of BLCC+DLCC groups in all projects formed/strengthened(11+8) 19
6. No. of SHGs formed in 2006-2007 48
Beneficiaries of ALCs and VTCs

Total Beneficiaries in 2006-2007
ALC: 3540 and VTC: 2085

Beneficiaries Distribution in different projects of BETI



Direct Beneficiaries include:Girls, instructors, Core Group/SMG members, BLCC and DLCC members (if any)

Total Indirect Beneficiaries: 1,52,000 (includes only those Direct Intervention areas of BETI)