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Distribution of Deworming and IFA Tablets at Saloni Schools in Bahraich

distribution-of-1000-demorming-tabletsThe Project-“Promoting High Impact Nutrition Interventions” is a UNICEF aided project, being implemented by BETI Foundation. Eight schools of Block Balha have been selected in each block under Saloni project.

In these Saloni schools in Balha, wherever the visits of block level medical teams were not done on time; services like availability of IFA and Albendazole tablets were nil. H.E.O, Primary Health Center was consulted many times to solve these problems. He told that medicines are not available at present. Due to the Foundation’s persistent contacts to ensure the availability of IFA and Albendazole tablets Mr.Ghanshyam Verma, H.E.O, Primary Health Center and Mr. D.K.Chauhan, Supervisor, Primary Health Center, shared on 6-6-2011 that there is shortage of staff members therefore, regular visits are not possible. On 5-7-2011, H.E.O contacted F.C on phone and made available 1000 Albendazole and 9000 IFA tablets. These tablets were distributed to the adolescent girls enrolled at Saloni Schools by the Foundation’s Coordinators. Adolescent girls are having these pills under the supervision of the head/senior teacher. Teachers at the school were also motivated by such efforts.  

Similar efforts are being practiced at Block-Navabganj and better results are expected soon.


A deworming campaign for adolescent girls was carried out in the blocks Gaisari and Tulsipur in Balrampur under the project ‘Promoting High Impact Nutrition Interventions ‘.

Adolescent girls from the following 14 villages were dewormed:

Sl. Block : Gaisari Sl. Block: Tulsipur
  Name of Village Number of Girls   Name of Village   Number of Girls
1. Bhojpur Tharu 17 9. Chauhattar Kala 12
2. Vishunpur Kala 27 10. Piprahwa Vishunpur 18
3. Thakura pur 13 11. Khaira 29
4. Ramwapur 22 12. Laxmanpur 24
5. Ratanpur Jhingha 18 13. Thakurapur 18
6. Baghel Khand 14 14. Sekhuiniya Kala 17
7. Ludhauri 21
8. Ganeshpur 21      

ANM were not bringing ‘Albendazole tablets’ to these areas. Adolescent girls of these areas were informed about the proper intake of these tablets but absence of these tablets was causing failure to this programme. The Area Coordinator, BETI Foundation, met Dr.Kamal Ashraf, Medical Superintendent,

Tulsipur and Dr.Gajendra Singh, Medical Officer, Gaisari and informed them about these problems. They assured to ensure the supply of these medicines to the ANMs adding at the same time that ‘Medicine Kit’ of the AWW contains sufficient amount of deworming tablets and should be checked out. It was found that ‘Medicine Kit’ of each AWW contained 500 tablets of ‘Albendazole’. These ‘Albendazole tablets’ were received recently from ICDS.

‘Albendazole tablets’ were distributed among the adolescent girls during WHND. All the girls were asked to have a pill under the supervision of Field coordinator and AWW. Girls were told to write the date and keep it with them to facilitate the biannual deworming programme after six months again. Efforts of CSG members were instrumental in creating a demand for these tablets among the girls and in seeing to it that the supply is maintained with the AWW & ANM on the VHND.