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Dua of Farnaz at Kahla Tarakki Center

Farnaz Bano is a 22 yrs post graduate student. She desires to do all whatever is required for the development of the village community and country especially women of village. She belongs to an educated and religious family. Father Mohd. Naseem is a respectable person in the village. Due to an educational environment in her family, she was fond of studying and her parents encouraged her to do so well. Team met Farnaz Bano during the survey of the village. When she came to knew about the goals and objectives of the Mega Sky Project she proposed to join the project. After the completion of survey, when the requirement for volunteers for the commencement of bridge class was realized, she was contacted. She was delighted to know about her appointment as a volunteer and she started the work with full enthusiasm and dedication. She worked hard to convince the parents of the girls in between the age group of 15 – 29 yrs, who never went to school or dropped due to some reasons. Farnaz persevered a lot because parents were so conservative to send their girls to the centre. Girls were not used to go anywhere because they veiled, Farnaz also uses to put veil. She visited the residents of girls personally and insisted their parents to send their girls to the centre by informing them about the project. When there was a problem in allotment of proper place for centre she took permission from her parents to lend a portion of their residence for the opening of Tarakki Centre. She commenced the conduction of the centre. Gradual effects of the efforts succeeded and a large number of girls registered themselves at the centre. Mothers started to drop and pick up their girls from the centre on their own. Farnaz creates awareness among the girls regarding personal cleanliness, environmental cleanliness, Roza, Namaz, Deeniyat etc. This convinced the parents towards the centre. Farnaz organizes many activities other than curricular studies at the centre to enhance the creativity among the girls. On each Sunday, she meets the parents of the girls with low attendance. She insists them to send their girls at the centre regularly. Further, she meets the Gram Pradhan, Angan Wari Workers, A.N.M., Teachers of Primary and Junior Schools respectively. She discusses about their advices and help regarding the project. Viewing her interest towards the centre her father has built a room at outer portion of house to avoid any problem in entrance to centre for the girls. At first, girls were to enter interior of the house. Now they come to centre freely. Farnaz is also good at writing couplets. She motivates the girls to study through her verses. She has written a prayer/dua for the Tarakki Centre at Kahla which runs as follows –

“Apne centre ka main naam le kar
Sabke hak main dua kar rahe hoon
Ya Khuda inki mehnat safal kar
Inko achhe se leader bana kar
Poori ho inke dil ki hasrat
Karti rahti hai jis tarah mehnat
Kamyabi mile har kadam par
Ghar bhi roshan hai inke dam se
BETI Foundation ko deti badhai
Ki shuroo jinhone inki padhai
Is pariyojana se jo jud gaye
Bas tarakki hi tarakki paye
Iske madhyam se hunar aur padhai
Dono milte hai yoon hi bhai”