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Let the Child be a Child: A Case of Changing Mindsets at Primary School Baghelkhand

Mohit is a student of class 5 in primary school, Baghelkhand. In the beginning, he came to school regularly but never participated in any educational activities being conducted in classroom or school. He remained quiet in the class and never answered to any question even if he was asked repeatedly. At first, the school coordinator thought that he was hesitant to talk to new person/strangers.

Mohit’s conduct remained same even after two months. This was a matter of concern for the school coordinator; he started to look for the reason behind his inactivity & lack of participation in the school activities. When the coordinator asked his classmates they replied that he is an imbecile so he does not answer. The Coordinator did not receive any reasonable answers from teachers either. Mohit’s conduct was puzzling for the Coordinator who took the situation seriously and visited the locality where Mohit lived. He saw that Mohit was playing Kho-Kho enthusiastically with his friends. He was laughing and talking to his friends. School coordinator called him and asked the name of the game he was playing then. He answered well. Coordinator discussed other issues such as home, village etc. with him. Mohit listened carefully and answered quickly to each question. Now, the School Coordinator fell in dilemma; he asked Mohit’s father about his dual nature, father assured that Mohit has no problem in talking.

School Coordinator understood that the problem does not lie at Mohit’s home but lies within school. When he noticed the classroom activities of Mohit he found that whenever Mohit answered to teacher’s question, whole class along with the teacher started laughing at him. Mohit’s answers were not found up to the level of class 5. School Coordinator guessed easily that questioning a child without knowing his/her learning level was the main cause behind such behaviour of Mohit.

School coordinator told Mohit to sit in class 3. He contacted teachers and persuaded them to ask question in accordance to the learning level of the child (Mohit). These practices led to enhancement of confidence in Mohit and soon he also started attending classes of class 5. Mohit participates in all activities in the classroom as well as school now.

Awareness regarding teaching methodology in accordance to the learning level of children has been created among teachers. They have started to question and converse with children in accordance to their learning levels. They have started teaching according to the learning level of children.