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Retention of Children at School Is Largely a Matter of Making Studies Interesting and Learning Joyful

Negligence towards studies was the main problem among children of Vishrampur Primary school- Retention of children in class was very poor and they were irregular to school. Teachers were also trying at their end to retain children in class but situation was out of control. A case in point was that of Salman who lives in Vishrampur village; he is a student of class 3 in Vishrampur primary school-1. He was very weak in studies. He was regular to school but classes were only a matter of boredom for him. Every 3-4 days he was found to be absent. He was also known to be very mischievous and good in sports. Headmistress repeatedly tried to persuade him for studies but he showed no improvement. Consequently teachers started addressing him as “bhondu” (soft headed, an imbecile or a fool) and scolding him. In spite of these abuses Salman never took the studies seriously.

When the School coordinator from BETI Foundation visited the school to provide his support there, the headmistress briefed him about the situation and problems of the school. Students usually remained absent and the large number of children among regular students used to bunk classes. Children were unable to read even after several efforts. The School Coordinator explained about his work to the Headmistress and shared his experiences with her. He explained that poor retention of children indicates that children are not interested in classroom activities and this causes boredom in classes and they bunk classes. Children will start attending classes on implementation of interesting and activity based teaching methodology in the school.

First of all play activities should be conducted to retain children in class. After considerable retention of children we can gradually teach children on the basis of conducted activities. If children still remain absent, their parents will be contacted and persuaded to send their children regularly to school for continuing their studies. Information regarding interesting studies involving joyful learning at school will be conveyed to parents to let them send their children to school and improve their attendance in school. Teachers agreed to contact parents and started teaching based on interesting and activity based methodology information about which was exchanged from time to time with community by holding meetings with them. Classes were held regularly hence, number of students coming to school increased and children’s sustainability in classes got established.

Salman, the absentee can today be seen to be studying well and attending classes regularly.