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Training of Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee

A training programme was conducted with the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC).

One of the key elements of the National Health Mission is the VHSNC. The committee has been formed to take the collective actions on the issues related to health and its social determinants at the village level. They are particularly envisaged as being central to local level community action under NHM, which would develop to support the process of decentralised health planning.

The main objective of the project was to create awareness and sensitize the VHSNC members about the formation, roles and responsibilities of VHSNC and use of untied fund.

The roles and responsibilities of the VHSNC include creating awareness about nutritional issues and significance of nutrition as an important determinant of health, and carrying out survey on nutritional status and nutritional deficiencies in the village especially among women and children.

Identifying locally available food of high nutritional value as well as promoting best practices congruent with local culture, capabilities and physical environment through a process of community consultation. Additionally, they are also responsible for including nutritional needs in the village health plan. They are also supposed to monitor and supervise the Village Health and Nutrition day. They also must facilitate an early detection of malnourished children in the community and refer them to the nearest Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) as well as follow up for sustained outcome. VHSNC must also supervise the functioning of the Anganwadi Centres in the village and facilitate its working in improving nutritional status of women and children. Furthermore, it must act as a grievance redressal forum on health and nutrition issues.